Hi! Here are some of the questions you guys ask me the most! Welcome to She Travelled the World…

Born in England with Kiwi parents, I moved around a lot growing up and spent time in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. I went to high school in Brisbane, Australia for 8 years before finally moving back to England when I was 18. I currently have UK and New Zealand passports to travel on. 

Travelling has always been a big part of my life and from a young age I had the travel bug well and truly engrained in me. My first backpacking trip was at 18 years old in 2016, travelling to France, Switzerland, Italy and Greece. From there I would take little trips with the little money I had from working in hospitality. In 2017 I took my first solo trip to Luxembourg and fell in love with solo travel, and from there I was hooked. 

She Travelled the World was born out of boredom and passion. I’ve always been a creative person and photography had always been an interest to me. So after doing a few trips within Europe I decided to start a blog in 2017 as a way to write about my travels and keep my friends up to date with what I was up to, the rest is history. 

You can find a breakdown of my camera and lenses in my camera equipment blog post here!

All my photos are edited on Adobe Lightroom with my Lightroom Presets, which I sell on my shop. If you’re a beginner in photography and you are looking to develop your editing skills or you want to get into travel blogging I highly recommend installing Lightroom. Check out my preset Instagram (@shetravelledtheworldpresets) for some before and afters.

For me, researching trips is one of my favourite parts of the planning.  First, I scout Skyscanner for cheap flights and will normally look out for places I haven’t been to or look interesting. I will then do a little research through blogs, Instagram and Pinterest to see if it’s somewhere that interests me (99% of places do) and to see if it is viable with my budget. After that I will do a bit more research about how expensive the country is, and if everything looks good, I will book the trip! You can check out my Youtube video all about Planning you First Solo Trip for some inspiration and advice!

When I first started out travelling I worked in nearly every hospitality job you could imagine. Restaurant, bar, bakery, cafe, even a fish and chip shop. I would work and save as much as I could, then travel on what I had saved. I didn’t start making money from She Travelled the World until 2019, and in the beginning it definitely wasn’t enough to live off. 

After a few more years of working on STTW In 2021 I was in a position to go full time with the blog, which I will forever be grateful for. 

There are a long list of countries I think would be an amazing for first time solo travellers. My first solo trip was to Luxembourg which is a very sweet, quiet country, however I think the majority of European countries would be amazing for travelling by yourself. Italy, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Hungary to name a few. South East Asia is another great option, and Central America is unbelievable, although a little more challenging than the other options.