Diving head first into the world of travel can be daunting, where do you even begin? I started travelling with no idea how to get from A to B or how to budget and I wish I had someone hand me the cheat sheets to travel. Well… here it is. 

Want to create amazing itineraries? Plan out your budget realistically? Make friends easily? Travel the world freely and confidently with this all inclsuive eBook, no matter your budget, background or experience. 

A little more info on the eBook

This eBook is your all inclusive guide to everything you need to know leading up to your trip and while you’re on the road. The 100 pages are jam packed with info that you definitely don’t want to miss out on – some of the topics covered include:

  • Planning your trip and what to consider while planning
  • Everything you need to know about solo travel
  • Travelling with friends and relationship travel
  • Creating the best itinerary possible
  • The ultimate way to budget for your trip + budgeting guide
  • Money – currency exchange, haggling, the right debit card & saving
  • Transport tips and the best companies to check out
  • Accommodation and hostel 101
  • Choosing the right backpack and the best guide to packing
  • Tour companies you definitely need to know about
  • Safety and how to stay safe and happy throughout your trip
  • Making friends, even if you’re introverted or not staying in a hostel
  • EVERYTHING you need to know about being on the road (food, maps, wifi, language barriers and much more)
  • How to find jobs while you’re travelling + email template
  • Over 100 different resources you’ll need for planning your trips including – travel companies, visa information, travel+work and gap year companies and apps you NEED in your life


Travel should be fun and enjoyable, and this eBook takes all the stress out of travelling for you, so you can have more time actually enjoying yourself.